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Debunked: 5 Myths About Potty training A Child

There are a lot of myths about potty training a child. These myths are misguiding to some parents especially new time parents. You have witnessed your child’s first smiles, first steps and first words but aren’t exactly sure how to effectively go about the potty training stage with your child.

The truth is that the same way your child reached the other milestones is how he or she will also get through the potty training period when the right time comes for him.

Each child is unique and goes through the developmental stage according to his or her God’s given gift. What you need to do as a parent of a child is to carry out your duties towards caring for your child lovingly and with dedication and patience knowing that your child will sooner or later pass through that stage.

One thing you need to realize as a parent who is potty training a child is that it is not the best of experience given the stinking nature of the poop of a child that has reached potty training age.

However, you need to embrace and accept the situation lovingly knowing that that period in your child’s developmental stage will soon be a thing of the past!

To help you and your child get through this seeming stressful period in a loving and fun-filled way, we have thrown more light into some false stories flying around about potty training your child. These tips will help you to know how to potty train your child when appropriate in a more effective and safe way.

See below five potty training myths debunked:

1. It is more difficult to potty train boys than girls

This myth is one of the most widespread about potty training. However, this is far from the truth.  It takes the same effort to potty train a girl and a boy. However, some kids are more endowed than others. Some boys would potty train faster than some girls while some girls would potty train faster than boys.

A number of other kids of opposite gender would potty train at the same rate. This myth is probably generated from the fact that potty training a child is mostly done by mothers who may not be as comfortable with potty training a boy as she would a girl.

The truth is that potty training has nothing to do with gender and boys should be trained the same way as girls. The time it takes them to respond whether boys or girls depends on their natural aptitude.

2. Getting your child to sit on potty seat helps to train Him

A number of parents believe that putting a child on a potty seat helps to potty train him faster. They tend to think that when a child is constantly placed on a potty seat, it will help the child to learn to use the potty on his own. Instead of helping your child in this way, you may actually be confusing him or her.

The toddler may succeed to poop while sitting on the potty, but that does not mean he has learnt to use the potty. He may even poop on his diaper while sitting on the potty if he has diaper on.

A better strategy would be to watch signs that your child is about to poop and take him to the potty seat. If it is constantly done this way, your child will gradually start to learn to associate poop signs with the potty.

3. The Child Will show when he is ready to be potty trained

Although some children may show signs of readiness to use the potty, this won’t work for the majority of kids. It is erroneous to wait for your child to show signs of readiness before starting potty training.

A good number of toddlers are matured for potty training as soon as they are between 18 months and 22 months of age.

A number of parents defer potty training till a later age which is not essential at all. The earlier you start to potty train your child, the better for you; plus you will be able to save some money you would have spent diapers.

4. Potty Training result to some sort of disagreement between a parent and a child

This myth is one of the most widespread misconceptions about potty training. The true experience is actually the opposite of a conflict. What you need as a parent is just understanding and patience.

With a suitable approach, potty training should be fun-filled and exciting moment for both the parent and the child. This makes the process supper easy and faster than you think.

5. Daycare will Potty Train Your Child

Many parents put off potty training their children with the view that their children will potty train as soon as they get into a day care center. Some parents who have this notion end up being disappointed because a good number of day care or child care centers would not take a child that is not yet potty trained.

Those of them that do,  make use of a generalized approach for all kids which deprives each kid of the ability to learn as an individual which may affect his or her personality.

The child can get confused and this may delay potty training success. Moreover, he may begin to associate potty training to the daycare environment and refuse to comply at home.

Overall, being potty trained is a fantastic experience for both the parent and the child. Children, definitely like the feeling of being “grown up” and feel excited to go off their diapers to start putting on “big boy or big girl’s” pants.

The truth about potty training is there is no one rule that applies to all kids. Learn what works with your child and what suits his or her personality and go with it. Just as no two individuals are unique, no two children go through potty training the same way.

Although, the method and strategies employed may be related, the response depends on the personal endowment of the child in question.

Potty training period differs from child to child, family by family and also depends on the particular culture.

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