Potty Training Toddler

Potty Training Gears: The Ultimate List

Some children master potty use fast while others found successful use of potty a much more arduous task. The good news is there are a lot of potty training gears that makes the job of potty training easier and less of a hassle. Help your child to get potty trained fast with these potty training gears:

Potty Seat

Kids may not be able to make use of the toilet on their own. Your toddler may be intimidated by the size of the toilet. Potty chairs are smaller toilets made for toddler’s use.

The size is suitable for kids and is often less intimidating to them. They can easily work up to their potty chairs and sit on them without any help.

To boost your child’s enthusiasm to begin to use the potty chair, take him along with you when you visit the shops to buy potty chair.

Toilet Seat reducer

When your child has mastered how to make use of the potty chair, you can make a switch to the use of actual toilet through the use of a seat reducer. A seat reducer is fitted on top of a standard toilet.

It comes with kid friendly size and multi-colored designs to make it more captivating for your kid.

Potty-training books

Potty training period often overlaps with the time children learn to read. While you get your child a few interesting kid books, consider including potty-training books. Potty training books can serve as inspiration for your toddler.

Mild children hand soap

While you train your child to master the act of pooping and peeing, do not forget to incorporate hand washing into the process. Teach your child regular toilet hygiene practices through washing of hands with the soap after making use of the potty. You may wish to take your child along with you to pick the one that he or she prefers.

You could get a foaming soap, tablet soap, liquid soap, or soap with fruity smell. Be cautious though. Your child may think it is eatable. You may also consider kids soap with popular kids cartoon character on the bottle or packet. The idea behind getting your kid involved is to boost his or her enthusiasm.

Flushable wipes

Your child may need some months to be fully potty trained to use his or her potty independently. If your baby is used to baby wipe, he may find tissue paper a little rough.

To make the transition easier and give him a similar feeling under, get a few packets of flushable wipes. Ensure that the wipe you get is plumbing safe and wouldn’t constitute any blockage issue.

If you worry about the safety of your plumbing system with the wipe, discard it using a diaper pail instead.


Get a few items that your child would like to commend any successful effort he or she is making.  Your child would be prepared to make more effort to use the potty if you encourage him or her with treats anytime he successfully makes use of the potty. It doesn’t have to be edible items or even physical gifts.

It may be something like a bravo song, a hug, a cuddle a happy cheers etc.  You can also purchase some stickers for him or her to stick on his progress chart anytime he makes use of the potty successfully.

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An all-in-One Potty Bench

An all in one potty bench comes with two pullout drawers, one of the drawers is for sanitary cleanup and the other one is for toilet paper. The potty bench is a stylish potty training solution. The potty bench can also serve as a step stool when the cover is closed.

Monkey potty chart

Monkey potty chart is helpful when you want to use rewards to encourage your kids to make use of the potty. Offer your potty training toddler a sticker when he pees and empties his bowel appropriately. The monkey potty chart is used to track your child’s success.

Faucet extender

Since you have to train your child to wash hand immediately after using his potty, the faucet extender brings the sink to the level that matches with your child’s height.

This will save you the hassle of having to constantly carry your toddler up to the sink to wash his hands. The extender makes it easier for your child to reach the water flow.

Potty protectors

Potty protectors are towel-like covers with sticky materials which stick easily on the toilet seats. The aim is to protect your kid’s bottom and hands from touching the toilet seat for hygienic purpose.

You can wash them after use and store them up for future use.

Potty-training doll

Potty training dolls are another potty training gear that may make your potty training job easier, fun filled and less of a hassle.

Step stool

In place of faucet extender, you can get a step stool for your child. The step stool lifts the height of your child so that he or she can comfortably reach the sink.

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