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Best Baby Diapers (Guide For Buying Diapers for Newborns)

Selecting a diaper for your baby (newborn) is something to be taken seriously as choosing the wrong one can be of detriment to both your wallet and your baby.

There are a number of baby diapers in the market, but selecting the best baby diapers for newborn from the vast options available in the market is a really tedious business if you have no form of guide whatsoever.

I have brought together a list containing 5 of the best baby diapers you can find in the market today, which are also cheap, durable and worth every penny spent.

Things To Consider In Choosing a Baby Diaper For Newborn

There are a number of things to be considered in choosing a baby diaper, and they include available budget, texture, size and durability of the diapers.

Also how your baby reacts to the various textures and chemicals contained in diapers in the market is also something to be considered in selecting the best baby diaper for your child.

Diapers are needed by babies and busy Mums alike because babies are quite messy and do not entirely control their bowel movements and go anytime they please.

Having a baby in the house without using diapers could cause a whole lot of unneeded work for mothers leading to a frustrating environment.

Personally, I believe it cannot be classified as fun cleaning up poop around the house or having to rewash clothes because a diaper was not used.

The diaper helps hold in the poop or pee till the mother is ready to clean her baby up and dispose of the diaper depending on the kind of diaper being used.

Having carefully studied the various criteria for selecting a good baby diaper or the best baby diapers in the market as the case may be, the diapers that fall into my selected best baby diapers were chosen after considering the following criteria; the cost of the diaper, the availability in the market, the value for money, texture of the diapers and the positive reviews generated from people who have at one point or the other made use of at least one of these diapers.

The best baby diapers that are readily available in the market according to my research are –

The Huggies Diapers

Size – 4(8-14kg)

Great Quality, soft, absorbs well.

Provides Dry comfort all night long

Product Details

The huggies diapers which is one of the best baby diapers in the market today, offers this dry comfort sized diapers which can hold up to 8kg-14kg of waste, comes at a price which is quite cheap and affordable, this is a very Fair deal to me considering the value you get back for your baby in return.

The Huggies Dry comfort size contains 60 pieces which can go a very long way depending on the needs of your baby or babies as the case may be.

The huggies diapers having undergone all the various tests is of great quality and has a soft texture which makes sure your baby does not get irritated even after very long usage of the product, compared to others in the market.

Another Notably good quality about the diapers is the fact that it easily absorbs waste like pee and poop without getting messy, remaining dry and ensuring your baby enjoys dryness and comfort all through the night.

 Personally, I feel the Huggies diapers is a good purchase bearing in mind that it helps save cost and getting back the value for your money spent is highly guaranteed.

Pampers Baby Dry Diapers Economy Pack Plus

Three layers of protection, three times drier

Sizes – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

Good absorbency

Colour changing wetness indicator for newborn sizes

Soft texture and Comfortable

The pampers dry diapers economy pack is also another one of the best baby diapers in the market, it offers three layers of protection which in-turn makes the diaper three times drier than normal for babies preventing irritation.

The pampers dry diapers comes in sizes 1, 2, 3 , 4, 5 and 6 for the different stages of baby growth and different weights. It also absorbs waste with ease not making the baby diaper messy in the process which prevents irritation and provides peaceful sleep for babies.

It comes with a colour changing wetness indicator, the more the baby leaves pee or waste and the wetter the diapers becomes, it alternates colours so the mum would have an idea on when the diaper should be changed, making the whole process of knowing when to change diapers easy.

The pampers dry diapers is highly comfortable and cost effective making it one of the best baby diapers available.

Luvs Ultra Leak-guards Diapers

Wetness lock, bringing about comfortable sleep overnight


Soft texture

Easily to change because of wide fastening area

Cheap affordable

The Luvs Ultra Leakguards diapers is also one of the best baby diapers in the market, its cheap and affordable and creates great value for money spent.

The diaper comes with a wetness lock that doesn’t allow the diaper get wet all through the night even though it gets messed up by the baby, making your baby sleep comfortably all through the night.

It also has a leak guard that prevents any liquid from leaking our and causing irritation, making sure no matter how full it is, pee doesn’t spill out of the diapers.

The Luvs ultra has a very soft texture that feels good on your baby’s skin making your baby sleep peacefully and comfortably all through the night.

The diaper comes with a wide fastening area which makes changing your baby’s diaper very easy and not as tedious as others. The Luvs ultra provides a wide variety of functions that makes it one of the best baby diapers today.

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers

Very soft and comfortable

Affordable price

Comes with swaddlers wetness indicators

Absorbs wetness effectively and efficiently

Extra absorption linen that helps pull the wetness away from the skin of your baby

Provides up to 12hours of protection

The pampers Swaddles Diapers is no doubt one of the best baby diapers in the market. It is very soft and comfortable and helps your baby enjoy sleep for up to 12 hours or more without irritation.

The Pampers swaddle diapers also comes in a very cheap and affordable price which do not leave a hole in your pocket after purchasing it and it also provides great value for your money.

It also contains a wetness indicator that lets you know if the baby diaper has reached its limit and it’s time to change and dispose, this makes the whole concept of diaper change easy and fun, and parents can also monitor the indicator even from a distance.

The pampers swaddles diaper absorbs wetness with ease making your baby enjoy more baby time in peace.

Finally because of the extra linen placed in the diaper, it helps pull wetness away from the skin of your baby into the diapers so your baby can feel really comfortable sleeping through the night. This makes it one of the best baby diapers in the market.

Bambo Nature Premium Baby Diapers, Newborn

The bambo Nature Premium diapers are one of the best diapers in the market also because they come in cheap and easily affordable prices with great value for money spent.

The bamboo nature premium diapers are designed to prevent rashes in newborns and also reduce allergies they might encounter, making it one of the most trusted diapers in the market today.

The bamboo diaper is eco friendly, which goes to show the commitment of the producers to the environment, it does not affect the environment in any negative way whatsoever.

The Bambo diaper has good absorbency of wetness making your baby sleep peacefully and comfortably all through the day and night as the case may be, making it dry at any point in time.

The bamboo diaper is very, very soft and feels good even to the baby’s skin, preventing allergies and reaction and letting your baby enjoy more and more hours of peaceful sleep.

Because I know choosing diapers for your baby can be a tasking event if not done properly, it is only proper research is done before you choose a diaper.


My final verdict based on the reviews and various experiences i have managed to gather, any of these five diapers would comfortably suit the needs of every baby as they all have basically the same level of durability and effectiveness. The budget in place is the only thing that might make selecting from the following products a little difficult.

Nonetheless all these baby diapers perform a variety of functions needed by babies to sleep in comfort, making them some of the best baby diapers in the market today.

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