Best Glass Baby Bottle To Buy In 2020

Glass baby bottle is the new trendy type of bottle to get for your baby. They’re not only easy to clean, but also they do well in warmers and don’t have the stinky smell you get from plastic bottles after couple of months.

Another reason why parents would consider a glass bottle over plastic bottle is the fear of BPA found in most plastic materials. Although there are several BPA free plastic in the market, if you’re skeptical about manufacturer’s claim, then the best decision would be getting a glass bottle for your baby.

Even though glass bottle does not solve the whole problem that comes with bottle feeding babies as it has its own downside, like the weight of the glass as well as the possibility of it shattering when they fall, they still come highly recommended. Most modern baby bottles are made of glass, or they have glass variations.

Here is my comprehensive review of the best glass baby bottle to buy in 2017.

Criteria For Bottle Selection.

If you read my article on the glass bottle for breastfeeding baby, you would notice that I laid huge emphasis on the nature of the teat, this is because I was interested in transitioning between breast and bottles. For this review, teat is also an important factor, as well as size, vent system and bottle design.

Teat: Whether you intend to transition between breast and bottle from time to time, or you intend to stick to bottle, it’s important to have a bottle that makes sucking and latching extremely easy for the baby. Bottles reviewed in this article have varying flow rate that grows with the baby.

Size: It’s important that feeding bottle “grow” with the baby. I have carefully selected bottles that has varying sizes, which allow you to increase the size as the baby grow.

Kids have the habit of getting used to something, this is why you should have varying sizes of the bottle they’re used to, so you won’t have to pass through the stress of shopping for another favorite when they grow past the current size.

Design:  Glass bottles are easy to wash, and they don’t get stained with fat that comes from baby formula or breast milk residue. The design of your bottle of choice is extremely important. The neck of the bottle must be wide enough to allow easy access for washing.

A good bottle should have less contour, and should be made of tempered glass that does not break after single drop. Mistake happens, when they do, a good glass bottle should be able to bear few drops without shattering into pieces.

Accessories: Glass bottle might be a bit delicate to handle if you have older kids that love throwing things around. Bottles with silicone accessories as well as handle accessories have been given priority on the list.

Philips Avent Natural Glass Bottles

A baby bottle review list isn’t complete without featuring Philips Avent product. They’ve been around for decades, they know what mothers and baby want, and over the years, they’ve successfully created a wide range of products that solve bottle feeding issue for mothers.

The Avent natural glass bottle is not an exception.

Teat: The nipple of the bottle is designed to give maximum latching experience for the baby, made of silicone to mimic skin texture. If you intend going back and forth between breast and bottle, then this is the best glass baby bottle for breastfeed babies. A common problem with feeding bottle is nipple collapse.

This nipple does not collapse when your baby feed. The nipple is of great texture, yet strong enough to withstand pressure from the baby’s sucking.

The transition between the base of the teat and the tip is gradual, thus mimicking the shape of the mother’s breast. As far as nipple design is concerned, this is one of the best in the market.

Design: The bottle is made of borosilicate glass, designed to be heat resistance, allowing easy heating of the milk or formula content. The problem with most baby bottle is the narrow neck, which makes it difficult to reach inside the bottle for proper washing.

This product has a wide neck that allow proper washing. It has just four (4) separable parts, making it easy to assemble and dismantle in record time for cleaning and filling.

In preventing colic and reflux, the bottle has a functioning anti-colic system on the nipple. It works well in preventing your child from swallowing gas while feeding.

Size: The bottle comes in three varying packages. You can buy a single bottle of 4 ounce, a pack of three (3), 4 ounce sized bottle, of a pack of three (3), 8 ounce sized bottle.

The bottle comes with slow flow nipple, but there are wide options of flow that can be gotten separately depending on the consumption rate of your baby.

The downside to this product is the lack of protective case like you some other glass bottle. It does not come with silicon jacket, although you can buy it separately. It would have been nice, if it comes with the package.

This bottle is superb for mom that would love to breastfeed their baby when they have the chance, and also have them bottle-fed when they’re not available.

Evenflo Feeding Classic Glass Twist Bottles, 8 Ounce.

This bottle is sturdy! Arguably the sturdiest among the products I’ll be recommending in this article. Designed specifically for older kids, both the size and strength of material makes it perfect for babies that are capable of throwing things around.

This bottle has practically been dropped couple of times from the counter to test the strength of the material, and yet, they hold up fine.

Teat: Not so much to talk about as regards the design of the teat. In other words, there is nothing spectacular about the design. The shape of the nipple and transition between the base and the tip is not designed to mimic the mother’s breast, which might be an issue if you intend to keep breastfeeding your baby.

The nipple is made of silicone material, giving it great texture, yet it does not collapse. The baby is in total control of the flow rate as they put pressure on the tip, even with the slow flow nipple.

Design: The first thing you would notice about the glass is how sturdy they are. Made of very sturdy glass material, giving it very little tendency of shattering into pieces if they accidentally fall off. The body of the bottle is designed in a twist style, making it easy to grab, for both the mother and the baby.

It’s obviously heavier than a typical glass bottle, but not too heavy for older baby to use. The vent system is situated in the nipple, and it is not as sophisticated or efficient as the one on the Philips Avent bottle, but they reduce colic to a bearable minimum.

Although some users have had success using the Dr Brown’s vent system with the bottle. So if you have a Dr Brown bottle, you can swap the anti-colic vent system into the, and it will work just fine with no report of leaking whatsoever.

They’re warmer safe, can be easily sterilized with hot water without cracking as they’re designed to be heat resistant bottles.  The neck of the bottle is not as wide as the previously reviewed product. You will need a brush to wash the inside thoroughly. It has four (4) separable parts including the bottle cover, making it very easy to wash and reassemble.

Size: Product comes in 6 pack of 8 ounces bottles.

This glass bottle is perfect for older baby that are starting to old the bottle themselves and are ready for Sippy cup transition.

It does not come with a silicon jacket, but I believe that isn’t an issue of concern, since the glass is sturdy enough to withstand accidental drops every now and then.

Dr. Brown’s Options 3 Piece Wide Neck Glass Bottle

Dr Brown has been around for decades, it’s not hard to find their product in a nursing mom home. Their new design is exceptionally superb, you can decide to use the vent system or not. Depending on your need. It’s basically designed to give room for flexibility.

Nipple: The transition between the base of the nipple is in the medium category, not too broad, but yet provide proper latching. One important details that makes Dr. Brown bottles stand out is the way the nipple is designed. It’s designed not to mimic the shape of the breast, but yet, they perform fairly well as regards bay latching.

The transition between the base of the nipple and the tip is sharp, and the tip is also in the medium category, as such they don’t over stimulate your baby’s palate when feeding. Over stimulation of the palate can result into aggressive feeding and colic, especially when you have the slow flow nipple on the bottle.

Aside the regular vent inside the bottle, the nipple has it’s own venting system too. More on that later.

Design: The design of this glass bottle gives room for lots of choices. When you have new born, the use of a well vented bottle is non-negotiable. But as they grow, the issue of colic becomes less paramount, and as much, most parent would want a less sophisticated bottle. Something large enough to contain their baby new feeding size.

The bottle is designed in such a way that you can choose not to use the venting system that comes with. And you won’t have to battle with leaking.

For most bottle with internal vent system, they’re usually designed such that, the vent keys into the ring that connect the nipple and the bottle, so you can’t do without them. In fact, most bottle will leak profusely if you fail to set the vent and the ring properly.

The Dr. Brown options bottle is designed specifically to solve that problem. Once you feel your baby is grown enough to not need the sophisticated vent system, then you can get rid of them, thus reducing the number of separable parts. Making it easy to wash and assemble in record time.

Size: As the name implies; “options” bottle.  The bottle comes in two sizes; 5 ounce and 9 ounces. Each pack contains three bottles.

In addition to the bottle, it has three different silicon sleeves on it. This is a great addition to prevent accidental breakage, because the silicon will provide a soft landing for the bottle when they accidentally get dropped.

Like every other glass bottle though, they’re a bit heavy, but if that is not an issue of concern, this product comes highly recommended.

Baby Brezza Baby Feeding Glass Bottle – Ergonomic, Anti-Colic.

If I were to have a new born baby right now, my first choice of bottle will be this product. Obviously, it’s my favourite. I love this bottle for several reasons, and I hope I don’t end up giving a bias opinion about the product.

Baby Brezza feeding bottle is not as popular as the Dr. Brown and Philips Avent because they promote their food maker product more. But their bottle is exceptionally designed with both the mother and baby in mind.

Teat: The base of the nipple is wide and round. Designed just like the natural mother’s breast. Baby latching on this nipple is one of the best I’ve seen as far as baby feeding bottle is concerned. The latching is perfect, as much as it can be. Made of silicone to mimic the skin texture.

The design of the nipple makes it easy to transition from bottle to breast and forth. The teat that comes with the bottle is the slow flow, although there are other flow rate that can be used alongside the bottle.

The vent system of the bottle is located on the nipple part. It’s not a very complicated system like you have in Dr Brown’s, but it gets the job done to a reasonable extent.

Design: Initially I said the bottle was designed with mother and baby in mind. Here is why; the bottle comes in just two piece. Yes! Two piece. In most feeding bottle, it’s normal to have four (4) or more separable parts.

The two piece separable parts with no ring connector between the nipple and the bottle, which makes it extremely easy to clean and assemble, this comes very handy when you have a crying baby to attend to.

Another mother friendly feature of the bottle is the wide opening of the bottle neck. Making it extremely easy to reach out into the bottle with regular sponge and wash appropriately.

The bottle is made of borosilicate glass material. This material fairs well in warmer and washer, so you don’t run the risk of having a shattered bottle. It’s designed to resist thermal shock.

Size: The product comes in two varying sizes; the 5 ounce and 8 ounce. Depending on your need, you can either go for the single bottle option or pack of two.

On the not so good side; I wish the come in varying sizes in a pack, like you have in gift set bottle. That way, you can easily move from one size to the other when your baby outgrows it.

Lifefactory 4-Ounce BPA-Free Glass Baby Bottle

Major problem with product marketing is that; it’s easy for small companies with little budget to get buried down the drain, even when they have a very good product that can compete with top brands. This is exactly the case with LifeFactory glass bottle.

It’s a product that can easily compete with the top brand, but the sad thing is that they’re not well known.

Nipple: I am not a fan of their nipple design, but when you consider some other factors associated with the bottle, then my next point might be irrelevant. The nipple is not designed to mimic the mother’s breast.

It has a small base, and the transition between the nipple base and the tip is very sharp. As far as latching is concerned, I would rate this nipple below average.

The other factor I mentioned earlier, that might render my previous point invalid is that, the neck of the bottle is designed to work with several other type of nipples in the market. If you have a favourite nipple, you can easily swap it with the one that came with the bottle.

The reason why I am still not a fan is because, nipple selection is the most important criteria for me when it comes to buying baby feeding bottle. Although If you have older kids, you might be flexible on that end a bit, since you don’t intend to transition back and forth between breast and nipple, so you don’t run the risk of nipple confusion.

Made of silicone like the traditional nipple you find on several other baby feeding bottle.

Design: As far as venting system is concerned, it does not have any. If you’ve read this far, you would realize that, this bottle is not in any way suitable for new born, or baby less than six month of age. Anything above twelve month sounds ideal.

But since it is designed to work with most popular nipples in the market, you can easily get one of the good nipples with a vent system. Solving the problem of possible colic.

It comes in just three (3) separable piece, which is a hug advantage over most feeding bottles. They’re extremely easy to clean and reassemble for use.

The plastic part of the bottle’ the ring beneath the nipple, is completely BPA and PVC free, so you don’t run any health risk with your baby.

Size: The product comes in two varying sizes; the 4 ounce and 9 ounce bottle. Making it easy to move up the scale as your baby advance in age.

This bottle is great if your baby is just starting out to hold the bottle and do the feeding all by themselves. It’s not a good bottle for new-borns, because the vent system is non-existent.

Beyond that, it’s a good bottle made of borosilicate glass, and it also comes with silicone sleeves that makes it easy to hold and also provides a shock absorber in case of accidental dropping.

Green sprouts Glass Sip ‘n Straw Cup

This is a game changer as compared to the type of products reviewed so far. If your baby is less than a 12 months, you might want to move skip this part because it’s really of no use to you. But if you baby is beyond 12months, then let’s explore other “big boy” bottle options.

The review will take a different form. This does not have the regular nipple. But it comes with three (3) different types of mouth. The sippy sprout, straw top, and the removable straw option. This bottle comes with lots of separable parts. It’s designed to be of flexible use, giving you the opportunity to transition from one use to the other.

It’s a bit stressful to wash and reassemble this product, but the benefit it offers really outweighs the stress of assembling and putting apart.

The outer part of the bottle is made of plastic, but the good thing is that it has an insert, the part that comes in contact with your baby food is strictly glass and silicon, there is no risk of contamination with chemical whatsoever.

The benefit of the outer plastic is that, it protects the inner glass from breakage, and also serve as a great insulator.

The beauty of this product is the easy of transitioning between various forms. It has a shock absorbing base that prevents skidding. The straw that comes with the bottle is made of silicone for soft texture, it also has a handle that makes transition from regular bottle into a sippy cup.

The handle is made of plastic, but strong and easily removable if you choose to dismantle the entire bottle.

Sadly, the cup is only of 4 ounce capacity, you would expect a product designed for older baby to be a little bit bigger than 4 ounce.

To summarize what the bottle is, it can be easily described as sip and straw cup. I had to add this product in favour of parents with holder baby that would love to train them in transition to the use of a sippy cup, this is the appropriate product to get that done.

Born Free 9 oz. BPA-Free Premium Glass Bottle

Two things stands out about this bottle; one is the venting system, and the second is easy transition into sippy cup as the top can be easily replaced with a spout from the same manufacturer.

Often when baby starts to outgrown their bottle, getting a sippy cup is another expenses when your bottle can not be easily converted into one. This is a good solution in that regard.

Teat: The nipple is made of silicone like several other baby bottle, transparent silicone is usually the material of choice because of the texture. The base of the nipple is in the medium category, as well as the tip.

The transition between the base and the tip is a sharp one, and as such the latching is not as great as the ones you will find in bottles with gradual transition. All though it all depends on the size of your baby’s mouth and the type of sucker they are.

The bottle comes with various types of nipple flow; depending on the size of the bottle. The five (5) ounce bottle comes with level one and slow flow nipple, while the nine (9) ounce bottle comes with level two and medium flow nipple.

Although there are several other nipple flows that you can choose from, depending on the age of your baby. Manufacturer has about five (5) varying flow rate that can be used with the nipple.

Another important thing about the nipple is that, flow is completely within the control of the baby. This is a good way to minimize or totally get rid of reflux as well as fuss while feeding.

Design: The vent system that comes with the bottle is well above the ones you find in most bottle. Which means, they’re one of the perfect vent designs for plastic bottles. If you have a colic baby, you might want to try out this product has most mothers has great things to say about the effectiveness of the bottle vent system. It’s been said to prevent colic, gas and reflux.

The bottle has five (5) separable parts, together with the plastic cover. It has a lid that can be used when travelling with a filled bottle, to prevent spillage of the content. The glass material makes it easy to clean and dry following standard procedures.

The neck is described as wide, although hands can’t fit perfectly into it, but it’s also easy to reach with a washing brush as compared to narrow neck bottles.

One caveat is that; the glass material is not designed to be thermal shock. You can go from freezing to warming in the bottle without cracking it. On the positive side; if you get the bottle and you baby does not like it; you can easily keep it and use as a sippy cup in the nearest future, or convert it into a milk storage unit, with the use of bottle caps that comes with it.

Size: The bottle comes in two sizes; the 5oz and 9oz.

GoGlass Borosilicate 10 oz Glass Baby Bottle

This bottle is for the “big boys”.  It’s arguably the largest in size as far as this list is concerned. It comes in 10oz size. If you have a baby beyond 12months, and they’re beginning to consume large amount of food, then this is the bottle to go for.

Teat: As you would expect of a bottle designed for older babies, there is much attention to details in the design of the nipples that comes with the bottle. It’s designed to get the job done. It does not have a special anti-colic system.

The reason for this isn’t far-fetched; as your baby grows, the risk of colic reduces greatly with time, and by the time they’re ready to use this kind of bottle, they’ve totally outgrown it.

The size of the nipple is in the medium category. And the transition between the base and the tip is gradual, which is beneficial for proper latching.

It comes with two varying tops. A sippy cup spout and a nipple.

Design:  It’s a very tall bottle, obviously because of the capacity. It also comes with a very cute print on the body which might make you baby love them. One of the things I don’t like about the bottle is that it has many separable parts. About seven (7) different parts!

Although you won’t be using the seven parts all at once, because you have two varying tops. You either using the nipple of the sippy cup. Which reduces the separable parts to five (5) if you’re using it with the nipple and four (4), when using it as a sippy cup.

The handle that comes with the bottle makes is a perfect for use as a sippy cup. The bottle is made of borosilicate glass, and as such can withstand a reasonable amount of thermal shock.

Size: Comes in just 10oz size.

That’s my review of the best glass baby bottle on amazon. It’s important to note that, getting a bottle that works for your baby takes quite a bit of experiment. But the most important factor is keeping their safety in mind, by getting bottles made of BPA and PVC free material, with good vent system if you intend to use for newborns.

Babies behave differently, that the first child love the bottle does not mean the second child will. So keep trying until you find something that gets the job done perfectly.

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