Baby Wipe Guide For Nursing Mom

Baby wipes fabrics that are made for cleansing the sensitive skin of infants. There are different forms of baby wipe that you can use as a mother; you can make use of disposable baby wipes, cloth wipes or paper DIY wipes.

The disposable baby wipes are usually saturated with solutions which can be gentle cleansing ingredients or alcohol based cleansers. Baby wipes are commonly made of different pack counts which can range from 80 or more sheets per pack. They are commonly marketed with dispensing mechanisms.

Baby wipes are perhaps the most vital piece of kit in your baby’s changing bag. They come in handy when you need a quick cleaner-upper. They’re convenient to be used on the go. As well as for cleaning up diaper messes, they are great for cleaning sticky hands, spilled drinks, faces, and even toys.

Whether you’re taking care of your baby on a changing table in your nursery or from a diaper bag in your car’s back seat, you’ll need to have baby wipes close by. However, there are different brands of wipes made with different combination of ingredients. You need to use wipes with the right combination of moisture, scent and softness.

We have therefore provided in this article all you need to know about taking care of your new born with babe wipes to enable you to make the right choice of wipe for your baby.

Your new born will typically soil ten diapers or more in a single day, diaper changing time and wipe time is a dirty business, but ensuring that the bottom of your baby stays clean and dry is essential to keep her comfortable and avoid diaper rash.

Do you need disposable baby wipes?

You’ll certainly need baby wipes. Whether you decide to use cloth wipe, disposable wipes or a combination of the two depends on what works best for your family.  A number of mums make use of cloth wipes the majority of the time, but use disposables occasionally or when they are on the go.

Cloth wipes can save you money in the long run particularly if you plan to have more kids. It is also more environmentally friendly. We cannot however, deny the fact that disposable wipes are more convenient, and a number of parents only make use of disposable wipes.

What type of disposable wipes is best?

There are a lot of disposable wipes options on the market. It depends on personal choice and what you are mostly concerned about.  There are baby wipes types with fewer amount of chemicals, eco-friendly types, wipes made for sensitive skins, flushable wipes and so on.

Your choice can as well depend on the softness, absorbency, fragrance, cost, and a lot of other factors. The most important thing to consider is if the wipe works for your baby. You may discover that the skin of your newborn reacts to a particular brand of baby wipe and not to the other.

Can You Flush Baby Wipes?

Unless it says in the pack that the particular brand is flushable, you should never flush the wipe down the toilet. Flushable wipes are structured to be biodegradable and so shouldn’t clog the toilet, and if you flush non-flushables down your sewage system, you will end up spending a lot of money to hire a plumber to remedy the situation.

If you are in doubt whether or not to flush a white down the toilet, it is better and safer to dispose it in a waste bin.

Choosing Baby Wipes

There are myriads brands and styles of baby wipes available in the market. There are baby wipes with different types of scents, those that don’t have any scent at all, and those that are extra thick, all natural, refill packs, flip top packs and a number of other options. Choosing the best type of baby wipe is choosing the one that works best for your baby.

Any type of wipe will do the job but some type of wipes do it faster and without any issue or side effects to your baby’s skin. We have provided in this guide, the ultimate and holistic tips for buying the best wipes from your baby’s tender skin.

Branded vs. Generic baby wipes

Store brands or generic products are cheaper, thus, many families tread down this road to enable them to save some buck. However, when it comes to baby wipes, some store brands come with a less desired quality.

A few of them are too thin to do efficient job which makes you end up using double the amount you’d use for a more reputable brands. That eventually rob you of the original savings amounting to buying the ore costly brand that you are trying to avoid.

A number of store brands or generic wipes have an odd, slimy texture that makes it difficult for you to properly clean your baby.

The quality of baby wipes among top brands are relatively the same. Some of the branded baby wipes come with varying scent offerings.

You can reduce the cost of the branded baby wipes with the use of coupons. It is, thus, equivalently cheap like the store brands with the use of coupons. Stores that provide double coupons are a good choice for the most affordable types of baby wipe.

Scented and Unscented baby wipes

Before deciding which scent of baby wipe to choose, you must first of all ensure that your baby’s skin is not sensitive to the scent in the wipe.

A number of babies find it difficult to cope with any type of fragrance on their diaper area, or even on any part of their skin. If your baby is one of these, it is better for you to choose unscented wipes.

Among the scented types of baby wipes varieties, the one you choose depends on your personal preference. Many parents also find wipes with a heavy fragrance loathsome.

Purchasing in Bulk

Just like a good number of consumable baby products, the more baby wipes you purchase; the cheaper the cost.

The largest packages offer the best cost per wipe. You can buy jumbo boxes of baby wipes at warehouse stores. If you don’t want to store pretty much that amount of baby wipes, a number of department stores and baby stores provide multi-packs of wipes at an attractive price.

Before the birth of your baby, you can buy only small package of wipe to test your baby’s sensitivity to it to avoid having to contend with too much waste if it turns out that it is not suitable for your baby’s skin. Do likewise if you want to try fresh brand or type of baby wipes. Purchase one smaller package to begin with to ensure that they’re going to work for you and your baby.

Online stores and a few brick and mortar stores currently deliver baby products including baby wipes. This gives you an option of buying bulk packages of wipes, frequently at reduced cost and the nicest thing is that you will have it delivered at your doorstep.

A number of baby wipes brand even offer subscription services, so you don’t have to bother about re-ordering the wipes. They’ll just keep arriving in your home as subscribed until you choose to cancel the subscription. Example are the popular Huggies One and Done wipes that you can purchase from Amazon at a relatively reasonably priced mega-size box. If you are on subscription, it makes it even cheaper.

Baby wipes container Types

The most widely used baby wipes container type is a plastic box with a flip-up lid. The wipes inside the container pop up through the lid to make it easy to grab them with one hand during diaper change time. You can as well purchase refill wipes for pop-up containers, as well. These large plastic bags of wipes cost a little less than merely purchasing fresh plastic box every time you place an order. They don’t occupy much storage space.

A few types of pop-up baby wipes are made with a flexible plastic bag that has a rigid flip-up top. It’s convenient to buy these wipes because you don’t need to worry about refilling them.

You merely throw the old one out and take a fresh container. Nevertheless, the plastic can make loud crumpling sounds when you want to get the wipes out, which could make it less desirable for night-time diaper changes.

The wipes can cluster up toward the end of the package if you carry them around in a diaper bag. You can easily mistake multi-packs of these wipes for the refill packages that go into plastic boxes.

If you’re looking for refills, try to read the package carefully to ensure that it is not really different containers within the bag.

Travel packs of baby wipes generally come in two types of containers. The first is a firm plastic box that opens up in a number of ways to allow you access to the wipes. These travel boxes can be refilled with the same pop-up wipes you’re using at home.

This type of travel pack is convenient because a number of diaper bags, diaper clutches, and quick-change stations have a fixed spot for the container, thus, it serves as a wipes dispenser.

The second type of travel wipes come with a plastic bag container, typically with a sticker-type top. They’re convenient and easily get into your diaper bag without occupying a lot of space. However, the sticker tops tend to lose the capacity of staying shut by the back end of the package.

Extra-Thick baby wipes

If you want to avoid getting some of your baby poops leaking out as you wipe her, then, you are better off with extra-thick wipes. A number of parents prefer the feel of thicker baby wipes because they don’t have to worry about any leakage while using them

Specialty Wipes

For babies who experiences diaper rash, a number of wipe produces currently make wipes that have soothing ingredients incorporated into it or plain water wipes which you can buy from Amazon.

Other wipe producers make wipes that are easily biodegradable. Some wipe brands are manufactured from natural or organic ingredients. These specialty wipes are usually more costly than the regular baby wipes.

Nevertheless, if your baby is experience diaper rash or you are so much in love with an organic lifestyle, you wouldn’t mind the extra cost.

Flushable Wipes

Flushable wipes are commonly aimed at toddlers who are being potty-trained but may be essential for you if you make use of hybrid diaper systems with flushable inserts. These wipes frequently come in a plastic flip-top box, much like the standard baby wipes.

Sometimes, you can get its refill packs. You must be careful not to flush too many wipes at a time. If your septic system get’s blocked, you could end up paying expensive plumbing bill.

You must do this cautiously and flush only a few wipes at a time and ensure that it doesn’t constitute any problem to the sewage system.


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